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professional shooter checks bulletproof Captain the united states protect - CNET

it's now not every day you see a famous aggressive shooter dressed as a wonder superhero.

however in the video "actual-existence bullet-proof Captain the united states guard," host and pro shooter Jerry Miculek dresses as Captain the usa himself and exams the round shield the Avenger would under no circumstances enter a combat devoid of.

"we've created the primary useful edition of his mighty shelter," Miculek says in the video, posted Saturday.

in view that Miculek and his group failed to have any Vibranium metal (an alien metal used to make the protect within the comics), they got here up with the next most appropriate true-world equal, strong titanium. The guard is made to the suitable dimension and weight of 12 pounds (5.four kilograms), "similar to within the comics," Miculek says.

using a M1911 semi-computerized, recoil-operated pistol, Miculek shoots on the titanium shield in swift hearth to see if the Captain the usa-inspired prop can wit hstand the bullets. Of route, to be on the safe side, a ballistics dummy, and not a true human, is standing at the back of Captain the usa's preserve.

After firing eight rounds of .45 caliber bullets, the verdict is that the safeguard does its job keeping the dummy. "Captain the us can be happy with this defend," Miculek concludes.

This is rarely the primary geeky gun demonstrated via Miculek. In outdated movies, Miculek has fired precise-lifestyles models of Han Solo's blaster, the Terminator's M1887 shotgun and the SPAS-12 Shotgun from "Jurassic World" -- all whereas dressed in personality costumes.

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